Conference abstract – Cinema at the end of the world

momoa road to palomamomoa the red road

I’m submitting an abstract for a film conference in Nov at Monash Caulfield here in Melbourne. I want to present on Indigenous masculinities as represented in Jason Momoa’s ‘Road to Paloma’. I’m going to look at representations of Indigenous masculinities and violence and I’ll probably reference JM’s TV show The Red Road (also starring Kiwi Martin Henderson) I’ve decided becoming the foremost academic expert on Momoa is a natural fit for me. It’ll make Keanu hella jealous, too 😀

momoa cute

A Girl walks home alone at night – Iranian vampire Western noir

Had a hardcore Hipster Melbourne Moment (TM) on Saturday night. We went to Fed Square and saw A Girl walks home alone at Night (2014) at ACMI cinemas. It was aces! The framing and soundtrack, the pace and story were great and I can’t do justice to it with words, you just have to see it and know that it was 99 minutes of grouse. And there’s a cool cat. An actual pussy cat who makes it even better. We then celebrated this filmic magic by indulging in Hipster Melbourne Moment (TM) 2.0 when we got burgers from a food truck. That’s what all the cool kids in Melbourne do, get food from vans. We had a few quick ones at Young & Jackson’s pub across the road and admired the saucy nekkid painting of Chloe. Pretty great Saturday night.





Don’t judge a book by its movie…

Don't judge a book by it's movie...

Went and saw The City of Bones – first installment of the Mortal Instruments series on Saturday night. It was fairly decent for an adaptation of a YA novel. This may have been enhanced by the fact that all of the actors were either English or Irish (Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the villain, Valentine; Aidan Turner as one of the good guys, Luke plus the main characters played by Phil Collins’ daughter, Lily and newcomer Jamie Bower – Campbell) and the fact that I was troubled that it may have been shite like Twilight so I tipped most of my hipflask into the lemonade Benji had bought me at the candy bar… I should probably have stirred the drink better because half way through the film I got a sudden kick in the face from the Grey Goose. This was a good thing, the action had picked up and my yelling out obnoxious comments about eyebrows and accents was mostly drowned out by the film score… Had a great time and ended up on the dance floor at Sanctuary til 5am. No demons or Shadow hunters were harmed in the production of this event ; )

Reader, not a breeder…

Recently I’ve been busy getting organised to present at a Film Historian Association conference to be held in Melbourne in December. I’ve learnt how to make JPEGs so I can add different screen captures taken from several films including Boy (2010), Whale Rider (2002), Once were Warriors (1994) and the its sequel What Becomes of the Broken Hearted (1998).


My paper will be on representations of Māori in contemporary New Zealand feature film. I will be analysing the roles of wāhine Māori (Māori women), Tane Māori (Māori men) and also the portrayals of tamariki Māori (Māori children). I will be questioning the re – colonising tropes of The Criminal (Māori males), The Victim (Māori females) and how these repeated representations can have an effect on the viewing audience, both Māori and Non Māori and how we can hope to subvert the negativity of such portrayals. I will also speak about the representation of wāhine in relation to self determining their futures outside of home and marae. This is what I am planning to talk on, however I haven’t finished the power point yet so it may change a little between now and when I get up to speak. It may also depend on how sidetracked I get while speaking whether I get to present all sides of my research. I’ve been known to go off topic mid presentation and then have to skip through the last of my slides…Image