Briefs: or how I found out Iʻd been dumped by a friend.

I had wanted to make this an upbeat post about the great time I had Friday night. Plans to inform the universe of the magnificent laughs and risque fun to be had at the Athaneum on Collins Street in Melbourne. The need to share the buzz created by the hardworking, creative, outrageously sublime team behind Briefs- the stage show. It all just fell by the wayside about ten minutes ago when I realised that not only have I lost friends because of my illness but the opportunity to copy edit a book that will come out early next year. When people say they understand your circumstances when you explain the battle you fight daily, hourly, moment to moment, maybe don’t believe them. Don’t believe they will support you on your journey down the rabbit hole and your eventual crawl out of it. They will forget your agony as soon as you finish admitting there is a problem. They will look to extricate themself as quickly as possible and as they squirm out of the tricky situation that is now your prolapsed friendship, they will wish they had never asked. Adopt a strictly Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy and you will maintain the illusion. Never show your truest self, it will only end badly for you.




Don’t judge a book by its movie…

Don't judge a book by it's movie...

Went and saw The City of Bones – first installment of the Mortal Instruments series on Saturday night. It was fairly decent for an adaptation of a YA novel. This may have been enhanced by the fact that all of the actors were either English or Irish (Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the villain, Valentine; Aidan Turner as one of the good guys, Luke plus the main characters played by Phil Collins’ daughter, Lily and newcomer Jamie Bower – Campbell) and the fact that I was troubled that it may have been shite like Twilight so I tipped most of my hipflask into the lemonade Benji had bought me at the candy bar… I should probably have stirred the drink better because half way through the film I got a sudden kick in the face from the Grey Goose. This was a good thing, the action had picked up and my yelling out obnoxious comments about eyebrows and accents was mostly drowned out by the film score… Had a great time and ended up on the dance floor at Sanctuary til 5am. No demons or Shadow hunters were harmed in the production of this event ; )

Delayed post

There will be a post. Later. When I can see th keyboard properly… When I’ m not telling my friend’s cat to ‘come at me bro’. Possibly about th slippery topic of nostalgia. I may be too distracted by th chirping birds (feckers) and nomming my cheez sammich. Th least offensive pic in my phone is something with trees. Enjoy & stay tuned…


January was a party that never really ended. As the Southern Hemisphere is wont to do, the weather was extreme and thus most of my time was spent indoors with the air conditioner blasting or outside drinking copious amounts of fluids which may or may not be conducive to writing, schedules, editing and sobriety…

I needed to blow off a lot of steam. Things did not go well with some sectors of my friendship network, in fact some went thermonuclear and there is still a lot of space junk floating around as a result.
I have endeavoured to clear the air and restore my soul by spending my time in more leisurely activities, thus my lack of writing this blog. I write this not as an apology to the occasional casual reader of my musings, more as a reminder to myself that I am allowed to recuperate from certain life events by any means necessary. I often forget to give myself some slack and then I crash headlong into a wall built of antipathy and coated in ennui.