Beats (Hard Rock Harlots, #2)Beats by Kendall Grey
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Just plowed this intense and cool story of Jinx and Toombs!!! Itʻs now 6:37am and I have to catch a few hours sleep before work. I loved the human insights, the rip your – face – off intensity of Toombs, who could put more meaning into a barely raised brow than most men can with a Shakespearean soliloquy… Iʻm mad for this book in the best possible way. Kendall gave it to me raw and I fucking loved every minute of it!!! Iʻll write more of an actual review later, I’ve gota crash right now, lusting after Toombs but oddly sated ;P

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I like Jinx, she is the opposite of Letty, her band mate, in many ways. Where Letty is brash and bluster, Jinx is reserved and thoughtful of everything going on around her. She may not light up a room like Letty but her slow burn intensity and laser like focus on what she wants, Toombs and the great back beats of the upcoming album, make her a show stopper nonetheless. She cares about her friends, her family and herself. She goes after what she wants with determination but doesn’t destroy everyone and everything to get where she wants to be. I love this book the best of the 3 but it’s my Toombs bias and also the fact that I read this one first as it was gifted to me for my birthday. I have recommended it to co workers (at the library) and have gifted the series to six friends so far. It is not everyone’s shot of absinthe with a double vodka chaser. The warnings placed at the start of each book in this series are legit and not just to garner attention. If you have to check urban dictionary for some of the acronyms mentioned in the warning disclaimer then you should probably stay away from this series, it is hard core, it is niche, and filthy good writing. There is a lot of erotica on Amazon, much of it not worth the the time and effort of the whispernet delivery. The Hard Rock Harlots series gives it to you with both barrels and doesn’t relent, makes no quibbling apologies for its rawness, and has its readers in thrall forevermore because of this ballsiness. Long live The Rock, those who make it, those who love it, and those who live and die for it.

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Hubris… that ol’ chestnut…

Hubris... that ol' chestnut...

Been knocking off a few of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter/ Dream Hunter series and they involve the Ancient Greek and Atlantean pantheons… yeah, you read it right… My fav book boyfriend from this series is Archeron (spunky 20 something Goth Hottie or Atlantean god, take your pick) and Julian of Macedon. Im hanging to read about Syxx, Acheron’s twin… twins, Basil, twins!!!!