Ranginui and Papatuanuku

rangi and papa

I’ve been crook. I’ve had to go to the hospital a few times and had to recover.Still on the mend. Haven’t written much, had wanted to submit for the Ada Cambridge prize that closed on Tuesday 8 March 2016. Instead I was in a morphine and anaesthetic fugue from the emergency surgery I’d lived through the day before. I hadn’t been able to polish the piece I had been working on for submission in the week leading up to it because I was very ill but passing myself off as okay. I keep coming back to this picture: The Sky-father and the Earth-mother. They were pulled apart by their children, Tane the god of forests and trees managed to tear them apart. That’s how I feel.Torn apart. Torn in two. Never reconciled.

Melbourne Market Grocery Service

Delivering market-bought veggies to tables.

Most of us have that idyllic image of spending our weekends at local farmers markets but more often than not life gets in the way and we end up visiting the local supermarket, left feeling overcharged and overwhelmed.

Ugly Veggies is a Melbourne-based shopping service that goes to the market for you. We know where all the best produce is, at the best prices.

Our products may not be perfectly round or straight but they taste delicious and cost a fraction of supermarket prices.

New online story launching soon but for now, if you have a shopping list sent it through and we’ll go on the hunt.


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