Happy Poetry Month


Writing and Rambling

I have been remiss in posting a bit of poetry for April, and here we are half way through the month. So, without further ado, I offer up a bit of W.H. Auden, courtesy of the talented Tom Hiddleston. Enjoy!

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The Mysteries of Writer’s Block

Writing and Rambling

Put a bunch of writers in a room together and the subject of writer’s block will inevitably come up. Who gets it? How can you beat it? Does it even really exist?

Some people will argue that the concept of writer’s block is merely a crutch, an excuse a writer waves when they’re running late on a deadline. After all, you don’t hear other professionals claiming an inability to work due to a mysterious impediment. Plumber’s block? Dentist’s block? Not likely. But others swear it’s a true affliction that can paralyze a writer and bring the creative process to a grinding halt, and they will do virtually anything to escape its clutches.

At the end of the day, however, writers don’t really care whether writer’s block is an actual thing or not. What writers care about is the ability to write, to move forward on their projects, and to be satisfied with…

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