Strings (Hard Rock Harlots, #1)Strings by Kendall Grey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

grouse! Gifted it to six mates at the start of Dec 2013 (to coincide with the Nocturnes release date)

I love strong women who may not have all the answers and get kicked in the teeth by life more than once but pull themselves up by their bootstraps and soldier on. Let’s face it, life is pretty much a gutpunch for most people, most of the time. The little things must be made sacred, the only glue that holds our souls together sometimes is formed of small opportunities. Letty Dillinger, main moll of this novel, tries to embrace the small moments when they present themselves. She is funny, a great friend, sexy, loyal, strong, and honest. I would definitely go out drinking with her to see what kind of crazy adventures we could have. I love this book, this series, this author. I have recommended it to co workers (at the library) and have gifted the series to six friends so far. It is not everyone’s shot of absinthe with a double vodka chaser. The warnings placed at the start of each book in this series are legit and not just to garner attention. If you have to check urban dictionary for some of the acronyms mentioned in the warning disclaimer then you should probably stay away from this series, it is hard core, it is niche, and filthy good writing. There is a lot of erotica on Amazon, much of it not worth the the time and effort of the whispernet delivery. This series delivers on plot, characters, and dirty, hot sex scenes. The Hard Rock Harlots series is not for the faint of heart or those who want to judge the choices that others make and can live with. It is an intense, pornagraphically intimate view of life on the road in a band in your carefree, hedonistic, twenties. And thank the rock gods for that!

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