ravages my soul… in the best possible way


Hubris… that ol’ chestnut…

Hubris... that ol' chestnut...

Been knocking off a few of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter/ Dream Hunter series and they involve the Ancient Greek and Atlantean pantheons… yeah, you read it right… My fav book boyfriend from this series is Archeron (spunky 20 something Goth Hottie or Atlantean god, take your pick) and Julian of Macedon. Im hanging to read about Syxx, Acheron’s twin… twins, Basil, twins!!!!



Books, beds, birthdays, and bad behaviour

Books, beds, birthdays, and bad behaviour

I’m going to need something like this after the hectic week I’m enjoying. It was Keanu’s birthday on Monday and we went out for tea at the Mt Erica Hotel in Prahran. Well, actually it was my birthday yesterday and my friends had a dinner for me at the pub, but that’s just semantics… Keanu and I get to celebrate our birthdays the same week as the AIHL Ice Hockey championships, this coming Sat 7th and Sun 8th September. My team the Melbourne Ice are fourth and in the finals. They have won the last three years but I fear we may not be able to maintain the rage of previous sudden death finals. With the help of copious amounts of vodka (and absinthe) I should survive the weekend… win or lose, I aim to misbehave!