Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt

Denial ain't just a river inEgypt

Sooooo…. my characters haven’t been talking to me for the last three or so weeks. I’d had a gutful of not being able to write anything from any point of view, whether the main characters or the secondaries. Not so much a writer’s block, it may have been that Ive been too busy editing what I’ve written thus far, working, and carrying on like a pork chop with drunken shenanigans at ice hockey, pubs, and numerous parties/ nightclubs. To remedy this, I packed the manuscript off to my beta/editor/ partner in crime, Neeny Boucher. She can give my characters a good, stern talking to (or a kicking if they need it) and I can have a breather. Of course, once I had sent the MS off, they want to talk to me… Kincaid (pictured above) was rather miffed I was spending time with/ wanted to bone another hawt spunk from a band (Toombs from Beats by Kendall Grey). He wasn’t as bad as Caleb who it turns out, can be a bit of a sooky la la… He said he “felt like a five year old who had been packed off to boarding school by a cold, uncaring parent. Not a cool school like Hogwarts, either.” His actual words to me while I was taking a shower this morning before trotting off to work (again). While I was busy serving the reading public at the library I had to deal with Kincaid in the bargaining phase of his denial. He was making all sorts of lusciously filthy innuendos as I helped customers and it took a fair amount of control to not lose it while on the library floor. Thank Keanu for the chute room that I could sneak off and sit in front of the air conditioner and cool down. Outrageous!!!

A Dream-The March on Washington

Jean Zimmerman

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, when up to 300,000 people gathered en masse to advocate “jobs and freedom.”


I don’t think words do justice to the magnitude of the event, but a collection of pictures suggests the stirring nature of the protest.


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Blurbs for The Asylum

Jean Zimmerman

Blue Rider Press has come out with a book trailer featuring fashion insider Simon Doonan talking about getting blurbs for his his forthcoming book The Asylum.

the asylum

There is actually a series of very brief videos, including the blurb one but also one about designer Thom Browne and one about Michael Kors and one featuring “career advice for young people,” among others. An original approach to promoting a book through a video, well suited to such an original guy.


The one about blurbs, “those wonderful little comments on the back of the book,” is pretty honest and funny enough, and hits home as I am wading into the waters of asking people to read and comment upon Savage Girl. Publication isn’t until March 2014, but quotes are needed long before that to be printed on the book jacket. And publishing pros say they are critical to getting a book…

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Don’t judge a book by its movie…

Don't judge a book by it's movie...

Went and saw The City of Bones – first installment of the Mortal Instruments series on Saturday night. It was fairly decent for an adaptation of a YA novel. This may have been enhanced by the fact that all of the actors were either English or Irish (Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the villain, Valentine; Aidan Turner as one of the good guys, Luke plus the main characters played by Phil Collins’ daughter, Lily and newcomer Jamie Bower – Campbell) and the fact that I was troubled that it may have been shite like Twilight so I tipped most of my hipflask into the lemonade Benji had bought me at the candy bar… I should probably have stirred the drink better because half way through the film I got a sudden kick in the face from the Grey Goose. This was a good thing, the action had picked up and my yelling out obnoxious comments about eyebrows and accents was mostly drowned out by the film score… Had a great time and ended up on the dance floor at Sanctuary til 5am. No demons or Shadow hunters were harmed in the production of this event ; )