Witika or Wendigo, I’m Scary

Oh the lols were hearty!!!

Jean Zimmerman

I am the voice of the Witika. Sometimes I am called the Wendigo, sometimes the Weetigo or Wetiko or other variants. It all depends on the region you’re from and the belief system you share. I roam the frozen north especially, northern Minnesota, the wastes of Canada, and New York State in the snowy winters.


The Wendigo, the Wendigo

I saw it just a friend ago

Last night it lurked in Canada

Tonight on your veranada!

So wrote none other than Ogden Nash.

I make an appearance in The Orphanmaster as the vicious monster the European settlers find themselves terrorized by when children start to go missing from the colony.


As everyone in New Amsterdam knows, I stand around nine feet tall, with greenish, putrid skin, long fangs, and a voracious appetite for human flesh. The Algonquins made me part of their belief system. The name is thought to mean…

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3 thoughts on “Witika or Wendigo, I’m Scary

  1. Glad you liked my post, TX. Take good care of your leg.

  2. txwitika777 says:

    Is anyone else at all concerned/ amused that my surname is that of cannibalistic/ rapacious/ mythical creature that has terrorised Indigenous peoples for hundreds of years? no? Well, okay then… I’ll go tell my troubles to a bottle of vodka then…

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