Reader, not a breeder…

Recently I’ve been busy getting organised to present at a Film Historian Association conference to be held in Melbourne in December. I’ve learnt how to make JPEGs so I can add different screen captures taken from several films including Boy (2010), Whale Rider (2002), Once were Warriors (1994) and the its sequel What Becomes of the Broken Hearted (1998).


My paper will be on representations of Māori in contemporary New Zealand feature film. I will be analysing the roles of wāhine Māori (Māori women), Tane Māori (Māori men) and also the portrayals of tamariki Māori (Māori children). I will be questioning the re – colonising tropes of The Criminal (Māori males), The Victim (Māori females) and how these repeated representations can have an effect on the viewing audience, both Māori and Non Māori and how we can hope to subvert the negativity of such portrayals. I will also speak about the representation of wāhine in relation to self determining their futures outside of home and marae. This is what I am planning to talk on, however I haven’t finished the power point yet so it may change a little between now and when I get up to speak. It may also depend on how sidetracked I get while speaking whether I get to present all sides of my research. I’ve been known to go off topic mid presentation and then have to skip through the last of my slides…Image





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