Nice ride

Need the black cherry as driven by T.S. ; D


Garrett On The Road

What was that sports car Tony Stark drove off in near the end of “The Avengers“?

The answer is the earliest known iteration of the Acura NSX Concept car.

What’s that?

Honda, the parent company of Acura says a vehicle “closely based” on the NSX concept will be developed and built in Ohio and will be on sale within three years. The original NSX supercar was built in Japan by Honda from 1990 to 2005, then discontinued.

When pictures from the set of the movie leaked to the press in 2011, Honda denied that the car shown was the NSX. But when the car was shown to the press in a sneak preview in December 2011 in Las Vegas, the secret was out. The car, seen above, was shown officially to the public for the first time at the Detroit auto show in January 2012. (More info here

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