Big dream

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I had a very big dream this morning. I dreamt of gods and goddesses, both good and evil, brown and white. I dreamt of the aunties protecting me and others, of sacred taonga (treasures) given to me to protect. I dreamt of letting go of both sides; fear and joy. Of being a part of the energy. Of having the energy and sharing it. I woke up immediately and was at once full of shock and vibrating with the kind of true strength I haven’t felt for a very long time.

Sia Arcour – ice hockey’s hottest goalie

This is Sia Arcour. She is an ice hockey goalie par excellence. She stars in my current work in progress, The Hot Hand (#1 Harder than Ice series). She’s resilient, smart, strong and independent. Her weakness is Italian food (especially desserts), a good crime novel and a certain funny, intelligent and gifted ice hockey player…

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Updated 6/4/2015 – Outlander Episode 116 – To Ransom a Man’s Soul – The Gàidhlig Bits I Could Decipher

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Gaidhlig is aces!

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Great news! The Gaelic is back in a big way this episode. The bad news is that it was way more complicated than what I normally translate. I’m giving it my best shot though and will call in the big guns as needed.

Wentworth Prison

4:52  Jamie to BlackJack after reminding him he owes him a debt (OK. There is some debate if this is Gaelic. I might have just been overeager and thought Jamie had descended back into Gaelic due to pain, etc.)

éist – Listen

After the rescue

8:22 Jamie to Claire

Leig leam falbh- Let me go die.

8:38 Jamie to Murtagh

Feumaidh tu stad a chur air mo chràdh! – You must put an end to my torment!

Murtagh to Jamie

Chan éist mi ri seo! – I won’t listen to this!

At the Abbey

I know this is what everyone wants but I don’t have…

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The Mysteries of Writer’s Block

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Put a bunch of writers in a room together and the subject of writer’s block will inevitably come up. Who gets it? How can you beat it? Does it even really exist?

Some people will argue that the concept of writer’s block is merely a crutch, an excuse a writer waves when they’re running late on a deadline. After all, you don’t hear other professionals claiming an inability to work due to a mysterious impediment. Plumber’s block? Dentist’s block? Not likely. But others swear it’s a true affliction that can paralyze a writer and bring the creative process to a grinding halt, and they will do virtually anything to escape its clutches.

At the end of the day, however, writers don’t really care whether writer’s block is an actual thing or not. What writers care about is the ability to write, to move forward on their projects, and to be satisfied with…

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