Conference abstract – Cinema at the end of the world

momoa road to palomamomoa the red road

I’m submitting an abstract for a film conference in Nov at Monash Caulfield here in Melbourne. I want to present on Indigenous masculinities as represented in Jason Momoa’s ‘Road to Paloma’. I’m going to look at representations of Indigenous masculinities and violence and I’ll probably reference JM’s TV show The Red Road (also starring Kiwi Martin Henderson) I’ve decided becoming the foremost academic expert on Momoa is a natural fit for me. It’ll make Keanu hella jealous, too :D

momoa cute

A Girl walks home alone at night – Iranian vampire Western noir

Had a hardcore Hipster Melbourne Moment (TM) on Saturday night. We went to Fed Square and saw A Girl walks home alone at Night (2014) at ACMI cinemas. It was aces! The framing and soundtrack, the pace and story were great and I can’t do justice to it with words, you just have to see it and know that it was 99 minutes of grouse. And there’s a cool cat. An actual pussy cat who makes it even better. We then celebrated this filmic magic by indulging in Hipster Melbourne Moment (TM) 2.0 when we got burgers from a food truck. That’s what all the cool kids in Melbourne do, get food from vans. We had a few quick ones at Young & Jackson’s pub across the road and admired the saucy nekkid painting of Chloe. Pretty great Saturday night.





Books for xmas

Built a PNR book xmas tree in the lounge. It’s decorated with ice hockey spunk tree decorations I made at werk.

I also made a PNR Xmas display at werk featuring my fave Nalini Singh and a few other grouse authors.

I gave Jason Momoa a new hat so he could feel part of the season festivities. He’s enjoying a bit of saucy xmas reading.






Merry XXXmas my dirty book loving molls! Follow the link and get some hot sauce –
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merry xxxmas

December Writing Challenge: 2014 Edition


challenge accepted!

Originally posted on Writing and Rambling:

Writers never stop learning. No matter what stage you’ve reached in your writing career, it’s always possible to push yourself a little harder to improve some aspect of your craft or become a bit more dedicated in your habits. And any good writing challenge can be adapted to help you reach for the next level with your work.

Right now, I want you to forget previous writing challenges. I don’t care if you just finished NaNoWriMo or if the idea of writing 50,000 words in a month makes you physically ill. Today kicks off my December Writing Challenge, and the entire point of the challenge is for you to commit to yourself, and to your writing.

December can be a challenging month all on its own, filled with holiday gatherings, end-of-year work projects, bad weather across much of the northern hemisphere and a dozen other worries. And in the middle…

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Book signing with Nalini Singh and Maya Banks

Went to a book signing/ meet n greet/ Q & A for Nalini Singh and Maya Banks. It was hosted by ARRA at Dymocks in the cbd here in old Melbourne town. I had entered myself and my housemate into the competition to meet the authors before the signing. My housemate was selected along with 39 other lovely lady fans. Due to extenuating family circumstances my housemate was in Sydney and I was now her.
With drinks and nibbles on hand we listened to the ARRA convenor ask the writers questions for half of the session and then the floor was opened to the audience.
We found out that Naasir of the Archangel universe will be the next story to be told in that canon. I fist pumped like a fangurl because Naasir is amazing and the only character that I have been drawn to in a book boyfriend way within this world.
We were told by Nalini that Naasir actually answered four questions truthfully at the dinner hosted by Archangel Raphael and his Consort, Elena in Archangel’s Shadows.
Nalini also spilled the beans about the upcoming books in the Psy/ Changeling series. Books 14 (Shards of Hope) and 15 (untitled) are the end of this story arc but 15 will give strong directions to indicate the way forward in book 16, the beginning of the second story arc, or Season 2 as Nalini calls it. Can’t wait!
Maya Banks was very engaging and I had a wee chat to her husband. These Texans who had flown sixteen hours to visit us, had also been up to Brisbane and next travel to Sydney. Maya and Nalini are old friends, meeting at the Romance Times book convention in 2008 and the very biggest supporters of each others work.
I also spoke with Nalini’s sister, Ashwini. I asked her what it was like to have a character named after her. She said it was cool because now people would know how to spell her name. Also, Nalini said that she was now immortalised. I gave Ash some Hershey’s Cookie Cream Kisses and Nalini some Castlemaine Rock. Nalini signed two of my books and even though she had been talking/ signing non stop for nearly two hours she was really nice and keen to meet me and co- worker Sian. We can’t wait to see her and Ash again. Hopefully we’ll get to host them at a library event in the future.